Permanent Jobs

I am forever grateful to you for your support, encouragement and guidance. Thank you for being there for me during my search. Bruce Waalt, Miami

Benefits Associated with Hiring Agencies…

Many people find themselves asking the question, why use a recruiter? What are the benefits? How can they offer assistance? Will they really find a job I can not?

How are we different?

Medical Connections has spent the last seven years building the foundation of our business by cultivating relationships with thousands of national clients across the U.S. It is these relationships that we pride ourselves on, offering a high level of customer service that has enabled us to build a national reputation for providing our job seekers the benefit of having their resumes put directly into the hands of hiring managers.

Know the Market:

Our specialty is healthcare! With a team of specialized professionals, we watch and monitor the influx of applicants and open job positions across the nation. We track and analyze the floods in the market, salaries and benefits by specific locations providing our job seekers in depth knowledge to assist them to make the best career choices.

Customized Job Search:

We spend the time to identify your needs and focus our efforts on locating open positions that are a good match to both your experience and skills. Saving you, the job seeker time and often opening the door to many positions you may have not know were available to you.

Unadvertised Positions:

There are many circumstances when companies will rely on the management skills of hiring agencies to staff their open positions, leaving the only door into these opportunities through the resources of a staffing company.


Often times when a job seeker applies to a position their resume is one of what could be hundreds in a stack put on the desk of the hiring manager. It is then sifted through as they scan the applicants based on quality and experience. Our established relationships not only put your resume on top of that stack but gives you the credibility of our experience and the reputation that goes with it.

Feed Back:

Many companies often find it much easier to provide full and constructive feedback to an account manager who they have had continuous business with than directly with the applicant who has interviewed. It is this feedback that we speak on your behalf, offering them insight to your professional goals, experience and needs. We can provide guidance and coaching and help you make an informed decision.   

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