Permanent Jobs

I am forever grateful to you for your support, encouragement and guidance. Thank you for being there for me during my search. Bruce Waalt, Miami


  • Q What is a staffing company and how does it work? A Is a third party representation who works on behalf of companies looking to bring on new staff and job seekers looking to secure a new position.
  • Q Is there a fee involved? A Our services are free to all job seekers. Our fees are provided by the facilities for assisting fill their open positions.
  • Q Which states do we work with? A We currently work with a national client base that covers all 50 states.
  • Q What is the difference between permanent and travel? A Permanent placement is for a full time position where a job seeker is hired by one of our clients and brought on as a permanent employee. Travel or a temporary assignment is when a job seeker is looking to take a full time short term assignment either locally or in a relocation situation. Our travelers or temporary staff is hired by us, medical connections and goes to work for one of our clients. Assignment lengths and benefits vary by traveler and company. For more information on travel contact
  • Q Do I need a license? What is required for placement? A The necessary experience, skills and certifications vary by positions but all of our positions require a degree and current or pending state license.
  • Q Do you have part-time or PRN positions? A Though most of our positions are full-time, we do offer both part-time and PRN positions. These positions vary depending on the needs of our clients.
  • Q Do you offer internships? A We do not currently offer internships.
  • Q Do you help with Visas or sponsorships? A As of right now, none of our client’s currently offers sponsorship.